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Well no wounder. With a hot mouth like that I would blow in a sec.Thanks for the vid.

You know, I admit your good. Some would say dam good. I wouldnt argue that fact one bit. But under no condition should any man with some BALLS blow a wad that fast, Control! Think about Nascar, NBA finals. What the fuck, you deserve better! Like your husband stated "he was Fast! To Fast!" He did cum fast but then again you possess a unique set of oral skills so it's not all his fault ;-) Wish you would do that too me, can I ask how many new men you get each year mmmmmm your wonderful. Blowjobs like that, I like to savor, an have them last. I'd give ya a couple of hrs of my time! Nice vid! With that beauty sucking cock there is no telling how long I would have lasted!